Creative Birthday Parties for kids

Children's birthday parties

Children's birthday parties at freiraum: creativity, fun and a special day with a unique experience.

We decorate the freiraum vaulted studio for your child and friends and prepare a 2- or 3-hour event programme with an artistic technique of your choice:



First steps into printmaking

Printmaking techniques such as linocuts, drypoint etchings, flat printing, experimental printing. Exciting new techniques - we show you how it's done.


Fabric prints

T-shirts, bags and so on... Printed or ironed on by the children, with all the fun motifs. Bring textiles to print on.


Building houses

We build houses out of different materials. Every child's dream house can become a reality as a model.



Can it go or is it ingenious? Building flying objects from creative materials.



Big pictures by little artists: Painting at easels, in large format, on different themes, with gouache or acrylic on paper or canvas.


Create sculptures yourself

Sculptures made of wood or clay. Small, artistic architects build inventive constructions.


Sculpting with soft stone

Imaginative animal figures or free forms are created by the children's artists. With tools such as chisels, files, chisels and saws.


Sculpting with soft stone

Imaginative animal shapes or free forms are created by the children's artists. With tools such as chisels, files, chisels and saws.


My counterpart

Children draw their friends. Small pencil, big effect: learning proportions of the head or free drawing and seeing the opposite in an amazing new way.


The theatre makers

Shadow theatre or a little theatre in a box. An afternoon for directors, stage designers and actors.


Modelling objects

Soft things take shape and become solid. Children create small objects and everyone paints their works of art. No Sunday clothes please, smocks will be provided, 3 hours required. There is an additional material cost for modelling clay.


Choose the one that suits you best.

Every child participates and takes something home. All themed offers are supervised by two artists. You can bring your own catering (including cutlery, paper plates and cups) if you wish.

For our Mini and Midi offers, the parents of the birthday child are welcome to join in. For Maxi, we offer a glass of sparkling wine or juice to all pick-up parents during the last half hour, the pick-up phase.

In good weather, the garden of the neighbouring Walddorf School can be used for the end of the children's birthday party (outside the freiraum offer, please make sure to leave it clean).



Saturdays and Sundays by arrangement




Children's birthday party Mini, 2 hours (up to 10 children) 220 EUR

   each additional child 15 EUR

Children's birthday party Midi, 3 hours (up to 10 children) 300 EUR

   each additional child 22 EUR

Children's birthday party Maxi, 3 hours (up to 10 children) 350 EUR

   each additional child 22 EUR


All prices include decoration and artistic material (except fabric prints and modelling objects), excl. catering.


Modelling clay (modelling objects; per child) 5 EUR

Canvas (painting; per child).                                                 5 EUR


Catering (incl. crockery; per child) 10 EUR

   (brownies, gummy bears, vegetable sticks, water, juice)


By booking a children's birthday party at freiraum, you support the charitable work of freiraum-Kinder e.V.



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