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inflexive speeches

opening  Berlin      15. September 2018 in Berlin, Steinstr.28, 10119 Berlin

opening Valencia   Oktober


The project

A title that reflects a bend between two points, Spain and Germany.

Connection spaces generated on a round trip. Two groups of artists 

Of each group and their artwork to expose it and explain its work processes


This project is coordinated by Red Nomade and Yvonne Andreini



Fundación La Posta, Valencia

Freiraum, Berlin



Yvonne Andreini

Caroline Corleone

Ulrike von Gueltlingen

Alessio Castagna


​Pepa López Poquet

Moisés Mañas

Cristina Ghetti

Elia Torrecilla





2016 The Flying Field

zu Gast im freiraum am Samstag l 2. April 2016 l 17 - 21 Uhr l Steinstraße 28 l 10119 Berlin

Sarah Alexander
Wahida Azhari
Nina Brauhauser
Anne Berlit
Mateo Cohen-Monroy
Dirk Rathke
Anne Schreiber
Melanie Balsam-Parasole


2013    Exchange Programm, swapping the shift Berlin-Valencia

Cristina Ghetti, Elisa Perez, Moises Manas, Pepa L. Poquet, Javier Marisco

Yvonne Andreini, Johanna Silverfish, Cornellia Enderlein, Ulrike v. Gültlingen


2008    Claudia & Julia Müller
2007    Burkhard Blümlein
2006    Beat Brogle
2006    Markus Binner + Simon Starke
2006    Martin Gehri
2006    Polona Maher
2005    Susanne Bürner
2005    Künstlergruppe Pankof Bank  Awst/Fujiwara
2005    Silke Stock
2004    Daniel Roth
2004    Elke Schmidt



Claudia& Julia Müller

Daniel Roth